A perspective of nature through the art of Carol Ann Vega

Photography and Photoshop/Illustrator are my artistic passions. Nature is the inspiration for my art.

I start with photographs. From flowers to the bees that buzz around them, from the squirrel at the park to the lion at the reserve, I love to photograph nature unrehearsed, not posed.

I take these photos to my desk to sort through. I may literally take 50 pictures of a monkey - snapping madly as if he were the newest fashion model. Click, click, click goes the camera as I try to follow him a long a branch.

At my computer I see my results. Lucky to get two great pictures out of 50, I then have to carefully look them over to make sure they're crisp and clean. I may wait a day to mull over how I will present my images. At times I present them as is - other times I digitally manipulate them to represent bible verses, inspirational sayings, or just to bring out a particular emotion in the image.

I transform these images into note cards, prints, t-shirts, fabric, and even jewelry.

Follow my adventures through our blog.  Come along with me, my husband, and my Suzie puppy.

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